Hypnosis for Anxiety & Stress

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where amazing changes can be made in the way a person thinks. Hypnosis is a completely natural path from conscious mind to subconscious mind.

In 1 to 3 sessions, we will learn about your challenges and what is causing your anxiety and stress. From stage fright & other performance anxiety including testing anxiety, we can construct a personal session that will help you break through the barriers so anxiety or stress is not holding you back.

If you are looking to overcome anxiety or stress, then using hypnosis can be an benefit when done with trained professionals who can help guide your along your path to living a more stress free life.

Anxiety & Stress Programs:

  • Hypnosis for Public Speaking

  • Hypnosis for Singing

  • Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

  • Hypnosis for Sexual Performance

  • Hypnosis for Test Anxiety

  • Hypnosis for Dating Anxiety

  • Hypnosis for Stage Fright

  • Hypnosis for Panic Attacks


For more than 20 years Jeffrey Rose has been helping people in NYC overcome many of life’s tough challenges. If you are seeking help, give us a call today and let us show you how we can help you too.


If you are looking to make personal change in your life then Advanced Hypnosis Center can help you to achieve your goals, give us a call today and start to make changes to improve your life.


If you need more long term coaching then we can put together a 3 month program that will help with more long term goals and provide 45 minute to 1 hour sessions after an initial 1 hour 45 minute to 2 hour session.


When you improve your confidence then you can improve many areas of your life. From personal relationships to being more successful at work, higher confidence can go a long way.


“Every year, more and more people reduce their weight, quit smoking, alleviate stress, eliminate fears and get rid of phobias and bad habits through hypnosis. Advanced Hypnosis Center’s Jeffrey Rose, New York City’s leading doctor-referred hypnotherapist, specializes in the use of hypnosis to help people identify old, ineffective patterns and replace them with healthier habits and enhance self-image & self-confidence.” – PROMENADE, 2003

Jeffrey Rose

As a Clinical Hypnotist, Jeffrey Rose is one of the premier practitioners of hypnosis and holistic health. In 1999, he established the Advanced Hypnosis Center, now one of New York’s most prominent hypnotherapy practices. Mr. Rose maintains a busy practice seeing clients and supervising the therapies administered by the hypnotists he has selected and trained to be part of the Advanced Hypnosis team. An integral part of his practice is his holistic approach, based on years of ongoing research in the fields of hypnosis, exercise, nutrition and sleep hygiene. In addition to resolving his client’s presenting problem, with his vast knowledge on health and wellness he is able to guide his clients to an enhanced, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Clinical Hypnotist, Nutritionist, Addiction Recovery Coach, and Sleep Specialist Jeffrey Rose

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If you are seeking to improve your life and ready to make a change, then contact us today so we can help!

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Can Hypnotherapy Help You?

If you are seeking help with any of the above personal goals, then Advanced Hypnosis Center can help you by working with you with hypnosis as well as teach you self-hypnosis and provide supplemental audios and support material.

Typically in 1 to 3 sessions, hypnotherapy can help you break through the mental blocks that keep you from achieving your goals.* Contact us today for more information.

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